Nancy Gardner
Nancy Gardner
5 years ago

Construction/Redesigning/Redecorating/Reallocation of space question from an empty nester- Going from 4 bedrooms to 3

I've lived in my home for 23 years now, my children have finally graduated and gotten places of their own and now it's time to redecorate! But, alas, a question:

- My house has 4 bedrooms (a master, 2 kids rooms, and a guest room). The master has it's own bathroom and the other 3 rooms share one larger bathroom.

My neighborhood is comprised generally of 3-5 bedroom houses, most of which realistically do have 4 bedrooms.

I am proposing to knock down the wall between our small master bedroom and my daughter's room (I have her blessing) to extend the master, put in an actual walk-in closet (right now we have a 4x6 nook we share), and put in a larger master bath (which is also currently very well-done, but small).

How do you think this will effect the resell value of my home: greatly improving my master bedroom, master closet, and master bath, but reducing the number of rooms from 4 to 3?
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John  Corgan
John Corgan
Real Estate Professional
0 Replies
5 years ago
If you are planning on living in your house for a number of years, it makes sense for you to remodel and enjoy the results of your remodeling.

Older homes do not have the larger master bedroom and baths that new homes do that are being built today. If your home is in a desirable neighborhood, remodeling your home as you describe may actually differentiate your home from others that don't have the upgraded master suite and bath- and you can attract a buyer who likes the neighborhood and likes what you have done and does not need the four bedrooms.

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