Sasha Kaye
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4 years ago

I want to live on the beach in SD!! I want a balcony over the water, and to walk to the shore. I am relocating, so where should I look?

I am single, so a studio or 1-bedroom is plenty of space, and I have a feline friend along for the ride. Beyond that, I am open to all options!!
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Colleen Corgan
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4 years ago
Hi Elena,

Have you visited San Diego yet? Each neighborhood/ area has a very different feel to it, but I really love all of them.

I have a friend who lives in Imperial Beach, which is really far south (you can see Tijuana based on your vantage point. She has the most incredible balcony overlooking the ocean.

Pacific Beach is also a really cool, laid back part of town that has some pretty awesome and affordable places like what you described.

Here's a link to our studio and 1 bedroom housing search w/ a balcony in San Diego:,sublet,room,corporate&bedrooms=0,1,&includeVaguePricing=false&keywords=balcony

The great part is that you can enter your price range, and then see exactly where each home is located in relation to the beach! You can also enter any specific keywords you are looking for!

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