jennifer  delgado
jennifer delgado
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4 years ago

If my husband receives unemployment at 1900.00 a month, does that count as income if we want to rent a property?

WE I also recieve 900.00 a month in child support court ordered and my credit is bad from a divorce and my husbands is not great can we still rent property. I want to rent so we can fix our credit.
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Colleen Corgan
Colleen Corgan
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4 years ago
Hi Jennifer,

Having less-than-stellar credit is not ideal, but you can certainly still rent a property. You have to be able to show that you have enough money coming in, usually to cover at least 3-4x the rent.

You may be required to put a larger security deposit down or pay a few months up front, as well. if you can find a co-signer or guaranteer, that would be great too!

Here's a link to our housing search around Adelanto, CA to help get you started:,sublet,room,corporate&includeVaguePricing=false&loan=30,0.0525,0

Hope this helps!


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