Theodore and Lorraine Williams
4 years ago

My family and I are moving to the East Bay in December 2010. We have a bankruptcy and poor credit. What are the chances of us aquiring a 4-5 bedroom rental?

Hello. Our family of 6 (mom, dad, grandma, daughter 1- 11, daughter 2- 10, son- 8) will relocate to the California East Bay area from Phoenix AZ in November 2010. Our preference to reside is Concord CA; however Antioch CA, Pittsburg CA and Oakley/Brentwood CA are also locations we would also strongly consider.
We are seeking a neighborhood that is kid friendly, facilitates a family environment and supports a solid school system (elementary, middle/junior high, high school). Our target date to secure a rental home would be by mid to end October 2010; additionally prefer to acquire a rental home with a long-term lease (3 - 5 years) with the possibility to own including the following amenities:
Bedrooms: Minimum 4
Bathrooms: Minimum 2
Separate Family & Living Rooms (possible in-law suite)
Pet Friendly (we're owners of 2 daschunds)
Price Range: up to $2000.00

We would like to speak with a leasing associate to determine potential rental homes as well additional requirements such as credit history, minimum qualifications, income requirements and application fees to qualify; please feel free to contact us at:
Theodore and Lorraine
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Colleen Corgan
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4 years ago
Hello Theodore,

Here's a link to our 4+ bedroom townhouse and single family home search in those areas:,sublet,room,corporate&bathrooms=2,3,4,5,6,7,8plus&bedrooms=4,5,6,7,8plus&highPrice=2000&includeVaguePricing=false&propertyTypes=house,divided,townhouse,land

You can contact the leasing associates directly through the blue contact box on the rights side of the listings you are interested in. Good luck with your search!

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