Travis W.
Travis W.
7 months ago

Where can I go to find House Rentals in Denver, Colorado?

I am moving from a different state to Colorado. I aim to move to Denver or somewhere surrounding the city. I have spent countless hours searching through listings online and I am struggling to find houses for rent. When I use the site, or any search engine, it only brings up a handful of listings. I find it hard to believe that with my search filter requirements, only 5 or so houses are for rent in the WHOLE state of Colorado. There has to be a better way to find rental listings. I am only looking for house rentals. Nothing that is shared with other people (Townhomes, Duplexes, ect). Does anyone have any ideas?
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Audrey Zupancic
Audrey Zupancic
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4 months ago
Hello Travis,

I have located over 600 listings in Denver, CO! You can visit the page here:

Simply visit the page and edit the search criteria to find the home you're looking for. You can then click on "Advanced Filters" and specify the number of rooms and bathrooms, prices and property type. You can even enter in keywords for features you're looking for in a property like "pool", "walk-in closet", or "granite". Once you "update search", you will see several listings that match your criteria!

I hope this helps!

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