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What do you do if you're looking to buy in a great building next door to a "rotten apple" neighbor?

186 RSD is a beautiful prewar equipped with a grand, elegant lobby, spacious apartments, a pro...

fessional staff, a well-run board and a diverse group of upscale, educated professionals as tenants.

That said, there is something that prospective buyers should be aware of: unfortunately the tenant in 14C, with whom the buyer would be sharing both BEDROOM and LIVING ROOM walls, is a chronic party-giver (2-4 per month consisting of over 20-30 guests/party). Moreover, he cares little about his neighbors' well-being or whether they are bothered by the loud music, dancing, walking, talking and laughter emanating from his apartment late into the night -- often on weeknights.

Long story short: 186 RSD 14D Prospective Buyers, Beware - this apartment may be ideal for someone hard of hearing or who is a similar party-giver, but others may be in for a rude awakening, both literally and figuratively. What should a prospective buyer of this apartment ask/do?
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