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1 year ago

is my apartment search a dream or can it be reality?

I moved to Miami Beach from S o Paulo. My office is on Blue Lagoon in Miami but I rarely go. I chose Miami Beach because:
* great proximity to beaches
* fantastic walkability - can walk everywhere
* very young community
* potential to meet people (I am single.)

I drive to northern Florida up to 3-4 times/month. It is killing me. I figure if I could shave an hour or two off that drive and get something that meets the above criteria and is affordable 2 bedroom (water view?), I am golden. So, I am looking a bit further north.
I am realistic but don't know SoFl well. Is this possible to find in a SoFl community?
I prefer a building (apartment rental) and have several reasons for it.
Should have a high rating. Does it exist or only a dream? I have 3 weeks to find something. Help?

Thank you!
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