Dale John
Dale John
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4 years ago

Choosing a new realtor to sell our home

I am having trouble choosing a new realtor. The realtor we used seven years ago has moved on, and I think maybe she spoiled me. I've met with three new realtors, and none have impressed me. A)Was late, poorly dressed, and disorganized. He stayed five minutes, spit out an estimate ($50,000 lower than our tax assessment)and did not follow up. B)Stayed almost an hour. Loved the house, and gave me an estimate $30,000 lower than the assessment. I was going to sign with him, but during the interview he stated he is "internet only - I don't advertise or do open houses, etc. I never get any results" - YIKES. What are you planning to do to earn your 6%, I wondered? He has been very persistent that he wants the listing. C)Was well organized, also liked the house. But gave me no specifics about their marketing plan, and have repeatedly been late/ or failed completely to follow up on phone calls or their specific ideas. They told me they had "two or three specific suggestions" - then sent two expansive magazine articles - most of which were irrelevant to my property. They haven't followed up since. Here is my question - should I choose one of these guys, or keep looking?
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Robert  New
Robert New
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4 years ago
Dale, I'd keep looking. This is a really important time for you and you have to feel like you are in the hands of a professional. None of these agents seem to have that professionalism and real world experience that you are lookign for. Internet only? I can see if he only advertises on the internet, that is the way the industry is going, but NO Open houses? How is that even possible to sell a home?

Ask some friends who they used. Good realtors know that referrals are incredibly valuable and will strive to give people the best effort they can.
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