Marina Gorin
Marina Gorin
4 years ago

What is the rule on changing a carpet?

We have lived in the apartment almost 5 years. The carpet was washed over 8 times. Still very dirty with spots.
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david d
david d
0 Replies
4 years ago
This is an interesting question.

A carpet has a useful life - 10 years, 20 years etc - maybe 5.

1. Do you have pets?

2. So you have kids?

3. Do you maintain the carpet?

4. Do you eat your dinner on the carpet?

I'm a landlord.

You have a responsibility to maintain the unit. In general there are various guidelines for carpeting in a rental -second floor units in general.

As a landlord, in all my units, as tenants move out, I either replaced carpeting with pergo type floor or refinish the hardwood floors. Most people don't appreciate the beauty of oak flooring - nor do they know how to care for it.

Carpeting or wood, you have to wipe it up immediately.

Look at for normal wear and tear and carpeting and damages.

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