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1 year ago

I currently live in LA, CA. I have lived here in an apartment my roommates and I got in to at the eleventh hour for a year. No one wanted to rent to us b/c I have bad credit due to student loans an...

d had no previous renters history(nor did one other roommate, he also had no credit at the time)...Our third roommate had O.K. credit and some renter history that was great. Anyway I'm moving to Central New York and am worried that I will have a hard time getting an apartment again even with a year of great rental history under my belt credit is still bad (due to student loans). Is there anything I can do to change a perspective land lords mind(and No I do not have the $ to get my student loans in good standing...the reason they are not is b/c I need to spend every cent I make on Rent and bills to live so that is not an option for me yet. I just wish getting an apartment was easier for ppl with bad credit...Is there a way to make this process a little less stressful then my last experience...we were all almost on the street last year b/c no one would rent to us...little help.
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