2 years ago

What area should I look for a place to live if I have a german shepherd and 2 cats? I will be working at DIA.

I am transferring to Denver and am hoping to find a place to live that will allow me to have a very friendly german shepherd and 2 cats that think they are german shepheds. My animals are better behaved then most kids. And adults for that matter.
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2 years ago
Hi Mary,
Having three pets and finding a rental in Denver can be very tough, there are a lot of apartment communities in Denver that allow up to four pets, they might be your best bet. There are almost always pet rents & pet deposits required which can add up quickly! Another option is to look for a privately owned rental, owners can a lot of times be willing to accept more pets especially if it is a larger home. Thornton/Northglenn is a good area to search in

Hope that helps!
-8z Rentals

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