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1 year ago

Do landlords look to see what you were actually evicted for and if your eviction was dismissed?

I have two evictions on my record the 1st was due to my boyfriend in prison got mad and wanted me out of his house so he got his mom to say I owed her for back rent it was all a bunch of lies and the eviction got dismissed and I continued to live there until right before he got out of prison. The 2nd one the land lord didn't like my boyfriends tattoos so they evicted me even said they would give me a good reference this isn't the reason they told me of course but already had a blowout with the landlord over boyfriends tattoos then came the eviction notice. I would of moved before I got served papers but didn't have the money to move also no reason was given on eviction except they wanted there property back. I paid the rent on time and took care of house it was clean inside and out. Nothing destroyed.
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