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2 years ago

I found a house in Hotpads web site. How can I find a buyer agent to go through buying process?

I found a house from hotpads web site and would like to take a look. I called contact number, but was answered by a seller agent. I would like to find a local buyer agent to show me the house and help me going through buying process. I do not find out MUL number for this house. How can I describe it to buyer agent? Should I pay fee for getting a buyer agent?
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Jennifer Saavedra
Jennifer Saavedra
Real Estate Professional
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1 year ago
Hi, LC.

Just to clarify, an exclusive buyer's agency relationship is created through a written contract such as the buyer broker contract. Before signing with a buyer's agent you should read the terms of the contract which will indicate the fee that is owed to the buyer's agent. Keep in mind that all real estate commissions are negotiable. Also, in the contract it will state whether you pay the fee or another party such as the seller will pay the fee.

Another important note to keep in mind is that by signing the exclusive buyer broker contract you are agreeing to solely work with the agent you have selected. This means that if you go with another agent or buy a For Sale By Owner home, you still owe the buyer agent a fee.

However, if you decide not to go with an exclusive buyer agent, then you can shop around and go with any agent or find a property on your own (either a For Sale By Owner, new construction from a builder or family member) and not have to pay a fee.

But do keep in mind that the seller's agent only owes fiduciary responsibilities to the client (in this case the seller). Fiduciary responsibilities include: Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Accountability, and Reasonable Care.

In this case, the seller's agent owes you, the buyer: honesty, disclosure of material defects and fair dealing.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me directly.

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