4 years ago

would you rent in highland park west seattle if you had an elementary age child?

relocating for work with my nine year old, looking into the safest sreas of west seattle and best school.
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michelle kolano
michelle kolano
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3 years ago
Rendering a school opinion can be a game of chance with a Brokers license . . . but we'll see if I can be of any help. There are definately plenty of children and parents that atend school there so it must be a good fit for them. Have you looked at www.GreatSchools.com and chcked the schools score? I would visit the school as well, they will have their own propaganda for the areas they excell. Many schools will contract off-duty police officers at various times so that might be helpful info for you. Also, HUD has all the demographic info with the crime stats but be forewarned, I live in the 2nd safest neighborhood for King Co and still looking at those stats gave me the willies! We really have no clue how hard our police officers work for us.
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