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2 years ago

I am relocating to Savannah Ga, to join my daughter who is a scad Student going for her masters. We hope to Join her by end of May beginning of June.

We are having great difficulty finding apt/house without running into scam artist. It seems that is all we attract for the past 2 months. We are looking for a 3 br and 1 to 2 ba. With a sun porch or den would be great. Price range is 750.00 to 1050.00 depending on the place. We have two cats and a dog(min pin chee) under 8lbs. and bunny rabbit(inside pet). I am also homeschooling my last two teens. So I need a homeschool friendly school district. I am attracted to homes/ apt. closer to Tybee Island. But by Scad area is fine too. The historic area, downtown. Does anynone have any suggestions in my search. Or is there a landlord that has a house or apt he/she trying to rent? We are now looking at West Wind Landing and other communities like that. Is there any suggestions? With that it needs to be safe and good place to start?
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