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2 years ago

I have an abdoment on my record and a 575 credit score cn anyone help me get approved and a place that fits my needs??

Almost 7 years ago i got a apartment when i was young and i refused to pay the rent until they fufilled my work orders i had put in, they refused..Since the place was all bills paid they proceeded to turn off my electricity forceing me to stay with a friend i came back four days later and my stuff was in the trash and now i have 4800 worth of debt on my credit. Also my credit score is a 575 i need a place though and soon.
I have 600 for monthly rent would like all bills paid(including cable and e-net) 2bed 2 bath walk in closet also i have a 5lb dog so a smll area to walk her would be nice. I just dont know where to look that wont turn me down if anyone can help or knows a place that has these accomidations please let me know
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