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2 years ago

There were two homes listed for lease on this website. Come to find out, someone stole their email address and names. Who can I report this incident to?

We responded to two postings for houses for lease (and they are listed for sale). We are looking to lease a house. We had people respond to us. Said they were out of town but we could look around the properites. At one location, there were cars there and garage was open. I rang the bell, asked for the person who emailed me, she was there. She stated the house was never listed to rent, she had never emailed me b/c her email is down due to her moving (I had all the correct contact information), she was never out state,etc. Both emails had bad grammer skills. Both stated they were looking for "God-fearing people" to rent their property, etc. Both were also undervaluing the rent price for the type of holmes they were.
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