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4 years ago

Would you rent at The Nightmare Humphrey Apartments on 2nd Avenue in Belltown? I would NOT.

First off, appears to be an old charming building... would be alright minus the homeless running around screaming down the streets late nights, the ridiculously absurd manager Jessica who moves people in without informing them there is(appears to be an art gallery during daylight hours) right across the street a late night party club that keeps you awake with the pumping beats ALL throughout the night & up until the wee hours of 4-5am.. when the people and noise FINALLY begin to die down from the streets. It was the loudest most ridiculous nightclub I have ever witnessed, and happens to be directly across the street on the side of the building facing tenants windows. My windows would literally shake all throughout the night. The neighborhood is full of chaos, homeless, drugs.. regular concerts and screaming outside your window late-nights.. not a peaceful place to reside. The only upside was La Fontana Italian Ristorante out in the courtyard.. added a bit of charm, but that is the only form of it in or around this building. The mini-mart next door was highway robbery as well as most of the nearby markets. The manager is a total airhead and knowingly moves tenants in without giving them an honest run-down of the neighborhood and realistic idea of what to expect living there. What to expect is this: NOT A MOMENT OF PEACE OR RESTFUL SLEEP FOR THAT MATTER~ ! She also moved me into a dingy /dusty / dirty unit (didn't appear to be clean to me) and when I left the apartment was left in better condition than when I moved in, and she STILL took fees left and right for cleaning! She is so annoying & absurd. The worst rental experience of my LIFE! NO parking EVER.. I could never find parking, it was a regular migraine for me! If there was laundry in building, I do not remember.. it was probably dirty, as the rest of the building.. and homeless people wandered the halls late nights.. I believe this is why I didn't feel safe using the laundry facilities here. F+++ is my rating!
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Ben Fitzgerald
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4 years ago
THis is why I always stop by the apartments I am looking at a couple of times at different points in the day- in the mornign to see if it's a huge thoroughfare with honking and trucks and general city combustion, around dinner time to see if it's lively and there are things to do, and when going out to see if it's ridiculous.

I also make sure to stop by on Thursday nights to make sure it's not too loud- I can't go out during the week

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