Christine Chappelear
Christine Chappelear
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3 years ago

Will home owners want to rent to us?

My boyfriend, his brother, our current roommate and I are looking to rent a house together in August when our lease is up. I heard that its going to be hard for us to find a rental because home owners will think its a party house. We are all full time workers and not partiers. Any suggestions?
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3 years ago
Who told you this? Obviously not any prospective landlords. : ) Here are my suggestions:

1. Apply for a lease. That's the only way you'll find out.

2. If your age/appearance suggests "party house", just dress up as you would for a job interview and be polite. Landlords aren't going to turn someone down with good credit and/or good employment history. Maybe bring up the concern that you don't want to be mistaken for partiers and that you intend to look after the property.

3. The fact that there's a girl in the group shows that it's not going to be a "meat house" where slobs and filth congregate. Sure it's a little sexist but if it gets you in, who cares? : )

4. Try to rent in nicer neighborhoods. If you show your intent to stay away from party areas (i.e. near colleges), it will work in your favor.

In the end, if you can prove on paper that you can afford the place and you have the good credit history to boot, you shouldn't have any problem finding a place. Good luck!

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