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2 years ago

Looking to rent a 3 bedroom home in the Mooresville Graded School district. PLEASE HELP!

My husband does have a criminal record and we are hoping someone will understand and rent to us after hearing our story. We are just asking to find someone who will help us and understand that all we want to do is give our son a sense of security and stability. When the economy crashed, my husband lost 2 full time jobs. We owned a home and are now facing a foreclosure due to him losing his jobs. Things have not been good for us these past few years. We are doing everything in our power to keep ourselves going and keep our son comfortable in his surroundings. Our son currently attends Mooresville City schools and we want to keep him in those schools. My husband and I are both working. We have nothing to hide and are trustworthy people. All we ask is someone hear us out and give us a chance. Please contact me at God Bless and thank you.
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1 year ago

Just Dont rent from Dazcon Properties

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