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2 years ago

Need a place with a fenced in yard for 6 months around $900 or cheaper for husband to commute to Corry Station. Know of any places to look?

We have two munchkin cats that would like to feel the grass under their feet during our time here. Will be moving the 1st of May, won't get there till the 3 probably though. Trying to stay under $900 as I will be unemployed for most likely the length of stay as it is only 6 months. Will be bringing furniture so unfurnished. Would love to be near downtown as loved walking around there when we stayed at NSA a few years ago. We don't have a lawn mower but could get one if necessary. Would love washer/dryer in unit. Please email if you know where to look as the few I found go fast and I would like to get something started as the date is coming up. Thanks.
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