Aleardo Manacero
Aleardo Manacero
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4 years ago

How to apply for a rental being overseas?

Want to rent a house or apartment in Eugene, in order to accomodate a family of four (couple and two boys). However I do not have rental history (being a
home owner here in Brazil) and need to move in to a rental unit as soon as
I arrive in US. How can I apply (and be fairly judged) being miles away?
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Caryn McAllister
Caryn McAllister
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4 years ago
be careful!! It's always good to see a place in person, but since you are unable to do so, you might be more susceptible to falling for scams. Make sure you only rent from a reputable property management company where you can at least check them out online and with references!1

Most property management companies here run your credit score and look at your paychecks when deciding whether to rent, so I dont know if you will be unfairly judged as long as those things are in order, especially becuase you owned a home before

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