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Where can I find a house to rent that has 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2 bath, two car attached garage for about $700 in the Dayton area who is willing to work with me?

I am homeless and tired of freezing in my car and would like to get back into my own place so I can have my family back. I do get Social Security and SSI for myself and my children and I also get child support. I just need someone who is willing to at least work with me on the deposit and let me pay the rent; there are places that are willing to help, but you have to be residing in the house before they will pay. I am willing to enter into a payment plan, as long as I can get a place to live. The house must not be more than ten years old--my son has a lot of health problems--must have two full baths, at least three bedrooms and an attached two-car garage--for getting my son in and out of the car without exposing him to the elements and weather--a private backyard and must accept pets--my son has a dog that is a companion but not officially a service animal; she does help by coming to get me if he needs something and picking up things he drops or opening and closing doors--and I have to be able to have a regular caregiver come over to care for my son everyday. The property will be well cared for and I will be the best tenant if only if someone will give me a chance. I miss my family and I want us to be back together again.
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2 years ago
Hi Shannon. you may have a real problem finding a house that is under 10 y/o for that price range. After 1978 lead paint was o longer in use. i'm not sure exactly when asbestos tiles went out out of use but it was early to mid eaighties i think. Those would be the 2 main concernes i can think of for health concers. I know of a 3-4 bedroom in Kettering(Dorothy Lane and Wilmington). They might be willing to work with you. my email is km1605oh@gmail.com I can try to put you in touch with each other and you can hammer out any details.

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