jorge santos
jorge santos
3 years ago

how to rent a house in orlando with application fee?

im request a transfer in my job from california to orlando from a yr ago and was accepted this month january 2012 to start in orlando on feb 20 im like crazy looking for house to rent but i see that almost a 85 % ask for application fee and i understand that cause i did that here in ca when i rent this apartment 3yrs ago..but my quastion is what can i do if im in california and i got only 1 week from feb 13 to 18 to rent a house cause im leaving to orlando by feb 13 stay in a hotel until i found that house but i to make this faster cause by feb 20 i start looking on a hunters creek, meadow woods boggy creek etc.. and can pay no more than 1,100.oo for a 3 bedrooms..for me and my family of 4 memebers "my wife and 2 daughters"

i just wanna make sure how can i work with this app fee from here cause i dont want to be there the week and dont found that house before thhe day i start in my job any advice? thanks
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Chris Heria
Chris Heria
Real Estate Professional
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3 years ago
Hi Jorge,
My name is Christian Heria, I'm a realtor for The Keyes Co. here in Florida. If you would drop me an email I would love to help you in finding your new home!
You can reach me at 786 346 6557
or email me at

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