tom lifsey
tom lifsey
3 years ago

Looking to Rent in ELKO,NV. Everywhere I look, there is no rental available. Certainly there has to be something out there. 750-900 month...Lemme know...Job opportunity for me!! Thanks

appears there is no rental houses in Elko or Spring Creek. I am hoping a job offer comes thru and need to know who can guide me to a 2br house or apt that accepts 4 small dogs. wife and i are in mid 50s and dogs are clean and housebroken. thanks!!!
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Sara Reynolds
Sara Reynolds
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2 years ago
as an elko native, I can tell you that finding a rental in elko is next to impossible. especially with any pets. all you can do is keep checking the newspaper and ruby want ads online. call early in the morning because they will rent to the first person with the cash. and finding something in that price range will probably not happen. you are probably looking at $1000+ for rent of anything with two bedrooms. i just noticed this was from 9 months ago but i will still answer because i've been looking for a 3 bedroom i can afford for about 4 years now. best of luck!

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