4 years ago

I need to move in an emergecy status my child has asthma and I live in a home with smokers is there any housing or low income that houses imediately in akron , ohio

I need to move out o my moms house I live in a home with smokers and my child has asthma is there any income based housing thats does emergency housing or houses imediatley after filling out app if I have a docs note I just dont want to take my baby to a shelter.
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4 years ago
Contact Akron Metropolitan Housing. They have their own units in several locations that they rent, and they also work with Section 8. The sooner you get in and apply, the better, since there is usually a waiting list. However, you will get a nice unit, kept up to code, etc. It is income based so that you are not going to be charged more than you can afford. Something happens after hours, they have an after hours maintenance line.

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