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3 years ago

I'm in the process of rebuilding my credit. I have paid everything off except my car. i will like to buy a condo. How do I know what I will qualify for?

I have start rebuilding my credit. I currently paid off everything buy my car.
I would like to buy a condo in my area. How do I get started. Or am I wasting my time
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3 years ago
Whatever you do don't cancel the credit cards or loans you have paid off. The first thing you should do, is walk into your bank and have them prequalify you for a 1st time buyer loan. It is free of charge, and impersonal, because the loan representative to the bank 'takes' lots of application on a daily basis, and if you don't get back to her she will basically put your file away. Once you are prequalified at the bank than you will be a prequalified buyer. The bank loan representative will take the basic 1003 application, run your credit based on the verbal information you give them. Once, they tell you that you are a prequalified buyer, than you know that your credit rating, employement history, and debt ratios were sufficient to get a loan. That I would say is the best measure at the present time to be able to buy a property. The bank as to pre approve, than you can call me on my cell Phone 661-904-8511. I am a fulltime Realtor here in Santa Clarita.

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